Wedding planning

Reality in Wedding Planning


Argument of  Every Couple During Wedding Planning



This is the major factor when planning a wedding and it’s very arguable one. Its need to plan how much your wedding is going to cost, how to find it, who going to pay for it, percentage of contribution in both parties etc. It’s better to arrange budget file and stick to it any circumstance.


Your wedding day is a shared effort of both of you. Therefore both brides and grooms have equal responsibility to contribute their full effort to successful this lifetime event. If the groom is getting away with the schedule the brides can offer her full commitment to success the event and vice versa.

Wedding Theme

When selecting wedding theme it will be different suggestions regards wedding location, theme color and wedding decorations. However you need to consider all good ideas and should come to compromise get best output. You need to plan the wedding of both of you dreams come true.

No of Guest

Decide the number of guest and who are the invitees is bit difficult task. After list down all guest names, top hierarchy (yours immediate family members and close relation) can decide without any hesitate and bottom hierarchy (other relations and friends) selection process is may be complicated one.
You should do your best to make sure that both groom and bride have an equal number of guest for your big day party.

Ignore small things

Wedding Planning is a really busy task and both of you are in may be very stressful situation. Therefore you may catch yourself fighting very small things. To avoid this kind of situations you skip the wedding plan for a while and do some romantic work together and start again plan your wedding.